About Rove Technologies

Rove Technologies offers you both the license of LiU Head as well as consultation regarding sound.

Rove Technologies was founded in 2021 by Stefan Stenfeldt, a scientist within technical audiology at Linkoping University, and Emelina Mujkanovic, then a master student within Mechanical Engineering at Linkoping University. The duo met during an entrepreneurship program at the university, which connected scientists with students in order to help them develop their ideas.

The team

A founder-led organization

CEO & Founder

Emelina Mujkanovic

Emelina Mujkanovic has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Linkoping University, and she has also studied at California State University. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and despite her young age she has already worked at several startups.
Scientist & Mastermind

Stefan Stenfeldt

Stefan Stenfeldt has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Chalmers University, and he has also studied at Stanford University. He has worked with bone conduction technology since 1993 and at Linkoping University since 2006.