An innovative software

You probably haven’t heard about a software like LiU Head before because it’s the first of its kind on the market. It’s a digital twin, or in other words a virtual copy of a physical object. Digital twins connect the real and virtual worlds by collecting real-time data from the installed sensors. The data is used to run simulations, study performance and generate improvements for your physical product.

Pulsating animation of the LiU Head

Enables the future

Ensures sound quality

The scientist behind Rove Technologies has three decades of experience within the field and the company also has a medical certification for LiU Head.

Is powerful & versatile

LiU Head can run numerical simulations and adapt to almost any case. It’s only bound by the imagination – and of course, the laws of physics.

Reduces time to market

LiU Head can help your company design your physical product faster, by validating your sound quality faster, and also reduce material waste.

Animation of the LiU model in color

Makes bones rattle

With 30+ years of experience within the field gathered at the best Swedish institutions, Rove Technologies is a state of the art. If you think it sounds too good to be true, you should check out the publication list.

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Let’s get nerdy

Bone conduction

Bone conduction (or simply BC) is sound transmitted through the skull bone instead of the ear canal. By BC sound vibrations are transmitted through the skull bone directly to the inner ear (the cochlea to be precise). BC is an alternative to the traditional way of hearing known as air-conduction (AC for short), where the sound vibrations are transmitted through the air to the outer and middle ear. Devices based on BC are designed to entirely bypass the outer and middle ear.

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Skull with descriptions
Pulsating LiU head model in blue
Let’s get nerdy

LiU Head

LiU Head includes eight different components: 1) brain, 2) cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), 3) eyes, 4) inner ears, 5) cartilages, 6) cortical bone (including teeth), 7) soft bone (diploë) and 8) soft tissues (comprising skin, muscles, and connective tissues. A unique feature is the 3-layer sandwich structure of the skull bone, mimicking the real skull, where the soft spongy bone (diploë) is interposed between inner and outer layers of dense cortical bone. LiU Head is solved using linear acoustics and solid mechanics and has been tested and verified for the frequencies ranging from 100 Hz to 10.000 Hz.

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